about Sami

At home, he is calm and relaxed, he sleeps through most of the mornings. When the doorbell rings he is interested but stays composed. He is friendly towards visitors (including kids) and is happy when touched. He usually is not curious about joggers, cyclists and walkers. If they approach Sami he reacts friendly and interested. He stay at home alone without difficulties, but enjoys being part of every trip. He reacts calm towards his environments, is shot-proofed and callable. So far, no hunting instinct is apparent. Even without a leash he always stays close by. He faces untouched male dogs with caution, but he never causes trouble.


Samis coach describes him like this:

Even-tempered, calm, psychologically stable, eager to learn, bright, interested, friendly, but not pushy towards people and dogs, good to manage using movements and easy to work with.

What’s fun for him:

Long walks with many games, bike trips, sunbathing in the garden, tracks, meeting dog friends and discovering the area together.

Food & health

He is getting fed with raw meat - barf (in accordance with Swanie Simon) and has a solid basic immunization. He only gets other vaccines if they are absolutely necessary. A faecal sample is send to a lab ever 3 months – so far, they were no parasitic worms found. Therefore he doesn’t get a recautionary deworming.